He was present and served in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth Courthouse and on hand for the discovery of Arnold’s betrayal.   He left Washington’s staff in 1781, only to return to the army gaining a long sought after field command under the Marquis De Lafayette, leading the assault on Redoubt number 10 the decisive action at Yorktown.

It is during the war that Hamilton first writes declaiming the defects of the current government, calling for a convention to adopt a constitution and what steps can be taken to amend the country’s desperate financial straits, more than ten years before the constitutional convention.

A lawyer in New York after the war, though never removed from politics, Hamilton’s notes on taking the bar are a source for lawyers to this day.  Though a staunch patriot he returned to New York after the war to defend Tories in what came to be known as landmark cases in laws of precedent.

A delegate to the Confederational congress, under the Articles of Confederation, Hamilton fought for the army’s rights and pay, calling for a convention for governmental reform.  Hamilton and James Madison as members of the Annapolis convention were able to muster up resolve to get a constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787.   Hamilton worked alongside General Washington, Edmund Randolf, his friend Gouvernor Morris, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and (at that time) friend James Madison to form our new constitution.  In order to get our new constitution ratified, Hamilton, Madison and longtime friend John Jay wrote a series of articles that came to be known as the Federalist Papers, Hamilton writing the lion’s share. 


Alexander Hamilton – Born in 1755, one of the most prolific and most misunderstood of our founding fathers.  A West Indian native, Hamilton came to America just prior to the American Revolution.  He was one of the early writers for independency, a Captain of Artillery in the battles in and around New York, his adopted home, and the battles of Trenton and Princeton.  He was made an Aide de Camp to General Washington serving as one of his chief aides throughout the Philadelphia Campaign, Valley Forge and the winters at Morristown.

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Alexander Hamilton had what we would call our county’s first sex scandal.  Having had a liaison with a married woman, Maria Reynolds, whose husband blackmailed Hamilton, when his conduct as Treasurer was called into question, Hamilton chose to reveal the whole of the affair in a 91 page essay rather than have his administration of our country’s finances called into question. 

Though members of the same political party, the Federalists, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, whom the party first formed around, were sometime allies but became bitter enemies.  John Adams despised Hamilton for his influence over Adam’s cabinet, Hamilton having been forced on him as a Major General in the Quazi-war with France and for his “shameful birth.”  After their very public break during the election of 1800, the presidency was tied between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.  Hamilton supported his old enemy Jefferson rather than let Burr be elected, saying Burr was a man who “ought not to be trusted with the reigns of power.”

In a duel with pistols in Weehawken, New Jersey, Major General Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with then Vice-President Aaron Burr.

Since his arrival on these shores in 1774 he managed to be at almost every great event in early American history until his death at the hands of Aaron Burr in 1804.